We will post new recipes periodically, mixing in the best of the best with new creations. Keep this page bookmarked for easy access! Our calander fills up fast. Come on out soon and visit us at a BBQ competition near you. Pretty soon you'll be spankin' it too!
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The Grill Meister is pleased to share his award winning recipes with you. In the following pages you will find recipes divided into three (3) distinct categories. In LAND you will find great ideas for beef, pork and chicken as well as some veggie recipes. In the SEA category you'll fing the delicious crab cake and grilled soft crab recipes made famous by the Grill Meister at National competitions and countless catered events. And finally, the AIR category features two of the finest tasting duck recipes you are likely to come across. Most of the recipes recommend the Grillmeister's Spankin' Sauces or Hot Mustard, so be sure you've got some handy before you dive in.

For those of you who would prefer not to drag out the grill and fire it up, check out our CATERING section for information on how these recipes and many others can be delivered directly to your door for a modest fee. Invite some friends and make it a party! We'll show you a Spankin' good time!