Find a favorite recipe on our site. We arrange them by LAND, SEA and AIR. Come see what we mean... Our calander fills up fast. Come on out soon and visit us at a BBQ competition near you. Pretty soon you'll be spankin' it too!
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The Grill Meister loves spankin' his meat! For a modest fee he'll come to your place and prepare beef, pork, chicken and fresh seafood. Whatever you prefer...the Grill Meister is very flexible.





Imagine delicious soft shell crabs or jumbo shrimp grilling slowly along side a whole salmon or striped bass. What about mouth watering ribs fighting for grilling space with Eastern Shore chicken or wild duck stuffed with spicy dressing. These are true grilling experiences you and your guests will never forget.

Once you decide on a menu, The Grill Meister will be able to quote a price based on your Meat and Side choices as well as number of people to be served. If you decide to use the Grill Meister, Inc. for your event, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold to your date. The final head count and balance are due seven days before the event.

The heart and soul of the Grill Meister's competition team would have to be the "Q-Moble" aka "Big Red". This grilling machine can smoke anything from chicken breasts or fish to competition caliber barbecue ribs, pork, beef etc. Contact us to find out how Big Red can be available for your private event.